Lions Head Light Review


Style: Light Lager

Brewed by: Lion Brewery Inc

Beer Rank: Experienced

ABV: 3.90%

Availability: Year Round

Brewery Website:

Background – Brewed in Wilkes-Barre, PA and founded in 1905 Lions Head Brewing company is one of the oldest breweries in Pennsylvania.

Appearance – The Lion and the font on this classic off brown label are a simple yet effective graphics that look great to us. The beer pours a crystal clear light amber with an off white head and foamy lacing. In addition the bottle cap offers you a fun little puzzle game.

Aroma – The aroma actually gives off a movie theatre popcorn scent.

Taste – The taste is surprising for such a light beer, once again you will notice that popcorn flavor and some slight malts. While the flavor may not be to everyone’s liking it is still shocking how much is offered for $13 per case.

Drinkability – Coming in at 3.9% ABV, it does not lay heavy, but does not sneak up on you either. No bitterness and definitely not too sweet this is one hell of an easy drinking beer.

Overall – Lions Head Light is a simple beer for simple games. Nothing beats reliving some 8-bit classics while enjoying the light taste. In addition to its low calories (for those of you trying to watch those girlish curves), it will not drain your wallet. You can buy an entire case for only $13!, leaving you enough to pick up some jerky at the counter.

So, if you and your buddies are looking to just sit back and play some games this weekend, we suggest buying a case or two of Lions Head Light. You can easy go through 6-7 beers before you really start feeling it, which may or may not be a good thing. And as an added bonus if the games you are playing suck you can always solve the riddles provided on the bottle cap.

As far as my suggested specific video game pairing I have to choose Karate Champ for the NES. As this was the first video we reviewed it felt only fair to pair it with our first beer. However, on a more legitimate note, Lions Head Light actually is a nice compliment to such a rough early fighting game title, I will warn that you will probably need 4-5 beers before you start enjoying the game.

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Remember to drink your beers and play your games responsibly!