Our Rating System


We are obsessive gamers and adventurous drunks who love beer and games. However, we never found a site that captures all the specific areas we value in our two favorite pass times. So in an effort to standout in an over-saturated market, speaking about both, we chose the following criteria for rating video games and beer.

Video Game Ratings

Keep in mind that when reviewing a video game we compare it to other titles on the same system. So we do not directly compare a SNES game with an Xbox One game.

Graphics – The artwork, colors, animations, variety in sprites relative to the console.

Sound -The sound is a composite of both the music, sound effects, ambient and environmental noises in the game.

Control – The control considers the input response, learning curve, ease of use, hit detection and general ergonomics.

Gameplay – The gameplay is the meat and potatoes of a game. How much fun is it, is the game compelling, how deep is the experience.

Originality – What new ideas, game mechanics, control schemes, storylines, power-ups, characters, etc are being offered in this title.

Replayability – How many reasons do you have to pick up and play a game again. How different will your gaming experience be from game to game. For example, multiplayer games will typically always have a minimum score of 5 since each game can create a “new” experience.

Overall – This is our overall opinion of the game and our final thoughts if this is a fun or boring experience.

Total Score – The average score of all the combined criteria above.


Beer Ratings

Disclaimer, we are not beer experts and do not have certificates for judging beer. We are just two average guys who have sampled thousands of beers and give honest ratings regardless of public/popular opinions.

Appearance – Most reviewers rate the appearance on the color and clarity of the beer itself as well as the head and lacing with respect to the actual beer type. We take that into consideration, however we include the rarely discussed artwork on the bottle/can. Since the artwork can easily be a deciding factor in sampling a new brew we think it deserves a spot in our rating system.

Aroma – For us the aroma, specifically the strength of the aroma, should indicate or enhance the taste and flavor of the beer. So if we only get a faint hint of hops then you will get a lower rating.

Taste – Probably the most self explanatory the taste includes the strength, complexity and flavor of the beer.

Experience – From the moment you take your first sip until the time the beer is settling in your stomach we all experience beer in different ways. This category takes the following into account; mouthfeel, drinkability and alcohol strength.

Brian/Jim Score – This is the final gut check of how much we enjoy the beer from the start to the last drop. We tend to factor in all aspects of the beer, including cost, when scoring this particular rating.

Total Score – The average score of all the combined criteria above

We hope this clears up our rating system for you all!