The Power Hour Podcast – Episode 10


Brian and Jim discuss the following

1. Plans for April – Big Update
2. Experts give their overrated and underrated beer types…
3. Which region produces the best craft beers? (arbiritumLoL)
4. GameStop closing ~225 stores (2-3% worldwide)
5.Thoughts on digital only gaming? (Nintencollect)
6. which is better: smackdown 2 vs no mercy
7. overrated/underrated: Point and Click games
8. COD going back to WW2 9. bioware issues statement on andromeda
10. Favorite FPS ever and which do you think is best for team play vs solo play (arbi)
11. Who wins: taco or cheeseburger (spacepants)
12. When is peanut butter jelly time (spacepants)
13. Been getting into the Far Cry series lately. Do you guys have any thoughts/experience with the games. Thanks guys (Tampoline Kingdom)
14. What happens when robots replace human relationships (spacepants)
15. Why does Brian hate the WiiU and switch so much (hibiki)