The Power Hour Podcast – Episode 11


Brian and Jim discuss the following

1. Which is better: NES or SNES (kitt171)
2. Nintendo switches warping in dock…
3. Overratted/Underratted: NES Classic Edition
4. PS4/Xbox One Multiplayer Compatibility…
5. Nintendo discontinuing NES Mini
6. SNES Mini may be coming; what games would you want
7. Should South Park be delayed this long? (Hibiki)
8. If Logan wants a switch (or Nintendo successor) in the future, what would you say to him (snsrcast)
9. Favorite 3 wrestling games (Bruno gaspari)
10. Top 3 racing games (Bruno)
11. Favorite 5 player wrestling game for the TG16 (castle zotz)
12. Favorite couch multiplayer all time (castle zotz) –
13. Favorite sunsoft game (zotz) 14. Best X-Man (spacepants)