The Power Hour Podcast – Episode 17


Brian and Jim discuss the following topics.

1. What Craft Beer can learn from Miller Lite
2. RPG’s: prefer turn based or real time combat? (Kitt171)
3. Our favorite PlayStation game:
4. Which is better: online multiplayer or local multiplayer (kit)
5. RE2 remake not using original voice actors

Resident Evil 2 remake won’t feature Claire Redfield or Leon Kennedy’s voice actors

6. Our fav cameos in video games
7. MVC: Infinite not featuring xmen characters because “people don’t remember them”
8. Which rap themes SNES basketball game is the best (zotz)
9. What 20 turbografx games would I put on a mini (zotz)
10. Which SNES shooter would I put on the SNES mini (zotz)
11. What beer pairs best with space jam (spacepants)
12. What will it take for Nintendo to get a pass on these classic collections (hibiki)
13. Which is better: PSP or DS (kitt)