Karate Champ (NES) Review


Platform: NES

Developed by: Technos Japan

Published by: Data East

Genre: Fighting Game

Year Released: Year Round

Synopsis: The player assumes the role of a karate competitor and fights against another player or the computer in a Karate tournament held around the world.

Karate Champ was the first game that we decided to review for our site, as we had plans to review every fighting game in search of the best. We can easily say that Karate Champ is not the best fighting game, even on the NES. The concept is simple, you are a karate competitor going through a tournament around the world. All the sprites look identical, except for the color of the gi. The backgrounds are colorful, but bland. The high point for this game is honestly the theme song, which is catchy, but it is on a constant loop. The controls are the biggest problem as your inputs are delayed and sometimes decide not to work at all. There is honestly not enough variety or fun in the gameplay which really limits your replayability. Playing with a buddy is your best option as you will both be mashing buttons in the hopes you execute a move, you would be better off flipping a coin.

Overall we understand that this was a bold attempt at the first player vs player style fighting game for a console, however, it still remains a poor game.

Since Karate Champ was our first game review, it felt only right to pair it with our first beer that we reviewed. Lions Head Light, a dirt cheap light lager that packs a decent amount of flavor and seems fitting for such a rough game.

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