The Power Hour Podcast – Episode 12


In today’s episode of the power hour Brian and Jim discuss the following

1. What are your go to summer Beers?
2. What is your favorite video game movie?
3. Will Jim buy Parappa the Rappa Remastered?
4. Thoughts on the COD Trailer?
5. What games will you buy this year?
6. Overrated/Underrated? Neo Geo AES
7. Which is better? Capcom or Konami (NES Generation)
8. Random obscure Gem?
9. Roger Jr removed from Tekken7 because of animal rights activists

Tekken 7’s Roger Jr. has been removed from roster due to animal rights activist protests?

10. If you could replace one main character from a game with another, who would it be (kitt)

Q&A Section