The Power Hour Podcast – Episode 13


In this episode we discuss the following
1. What are we drinking
2. 5 things beer drinkers are doing wrong
3. Beer better than painkillers
4. Pair food with beer, not wine
5. What are we playing currently
6. If you had to sell your collection and keep 2 systems, what would they be? (Retrojoe)
7. What would our voice reactions be as a character in Starcraft/age of empires (asterios kokinos)
8. Nintendo smart steering in MK8 Delux
9. Engadget makes controller for disabled gamers
10. 2017 VG hall of fame inductees announced
11. Gems of the week
12. Which is Better? SUper Smash Bros or Mario Kart
13. Weirdest control you ever had to use in a game (dunns29)
14. If we could make our dream game, what would it be? (@vault801dweller)
15. Flash based browser games (kit)